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Referrals are accepted from adult patients (aged 18 to 70 years)

 GP Referral is not always needed. Our consultant psychiatrist can see you without a referral. However we are happy to accept referrals from your GP or other health professionals.

Initial consultation

An initial assessment last up to 1 hour, and aims to discuss your symptoms, current problems, your general health and understand what factors in your life could be influencing them. Together with you, we will then develop a treatment plan for you.

Some patients find it helpful to bring notes along to aid the discussion. The assessment will then conclude with a diagnosis or a formulation and a treatment plan. Where appropriate range of possible interventions will be discussed. The treatment plan may include appropriate medication if indicated and/ or discussion about most appropriate psychological treatment, or a follow up appointments.

Following the assessment, a brief report is prepared and forwarded to the patient. If following initial assessment follow up appointment is indicated, this option will be available to the patients. The follow up appointment is usually 30 minutes long.

If a medication is prescribed by our psychiatrist, you will need at least one follow-up appointment after commencing medication, but this can be discussed with your psychiatrist and will depend on response to the medication.

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